"People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it."
Simon Sinek

The Opterra Mission

At Opterra, we take pride in solving vegetation issues in ways that are cost-effective and do not harm the environment. Our aim is not to make a sale. It is to solve a problem and make a friend. Valuing others first is one of our core values and we seek to live by that each day.

A Win for All

We also know that no one really wins unless we all win. Opterra offers our services and products to provide cost-effective, less labor-intensive solutions to vegetation management issues. These products and services reduce costs, improve appearances, and provide a much safer work environment.

Beauty and Benefit for Everyone

Our services benefit the lives of our customers and the general public. We make travel safer and the landscape more beautiful by eliminating unsightly and overgrown weeds and brush that mar the scenery and obstruct the view of motorists. Our applications result in safer working conditions by eliminating breeding and hiding grounds for insects, snakes, and other pests. They provide clean work environments for employees who work in and around manufacturing facilities, on utility rights of way, communication centers, railroads, and in other dangerous areas. We help make traffic flow smoothly, electricity to stay on during storms, water to be available, equipment to be undamaged, and work environments to be clean and safe.

Our Core Values

  • Safety

  • Others

  • Integrity

  • Initiative

  • Passion