Railroad Rights of Way

Opterra Solutions provides vegetation management services to railroad companies, power generating plants, and other industrial sites. Our services help anyone with the responsibility to maintain tracks in an environment free of vegetation issues. Opterra’s fleet of hy-rail trucks and other equipment are specifically designed to solve any railroad right of way vegetation problem.

We have provided a wide variety of services to the railroad industry. We offer complete (bare ground) weed control for the floor of the right of way. This is accomplished through the application of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. Where some low-growth vegetation cover is desirable, Opterra provides applications of selective herbicides. This technique eliminates weeds, woody brush, and certain tall-growing grasses.

Opterra also provides encroaching woody brush applications. One of the most cost-effective moves a railroad can make is to control encroaching brush with herbicides. We kill the brush and limbs without harming trees growing at the right of way edge. Controlling woody brush in this manner is much more effective and much less costly than traditional mechanical side-cutting methods.