Roadside Rights of Way Maintenance

Every mile of federal, state, county, and city highways require some level of maintenance. Unmaintained roads result in deteriorated roadways, overgrown rights of way, traffic deaths, and other undesirable consequences. Opterra Solutions provides roadside rights of way maintenance services that assist all levels of government in maintaining safe, functional, and attractive roadways.

Weed Control and Growth Regulation

Weed control and growth regulation are important pieces of Opterra Solutions’ Roadside Rights of Way Maintenance Program. Our main goal is to create a consistent turf that is essentially weed-free and uniform in height. Accomplishing this in a cost-effective manner improves the appearance and lowers the cost to maintain roadside rights of way. Opterra does this by making selective weed control applications that remove unsightly and tall broadleaf weeds and grasses.

The removal of faster-growing and taller weeds improves the appearance and reduces the need for mowing roadside rights of way. Mowing cycles can be further reduced by the application of plant growth regulators. In most cases, these PGRs can be applied with the selective weed control application. The addition of PGRs to the weed control application often results in the elimination of mowing cycles.

A single application of weed control and growth regulation products will significantly improve the appearance and reduce the mowing requirements of the right of way. In most cases, the ideal roadside turf program will consist of 3 applications per year. This will allow our customer to mow the right of way only once per year, or, in some cases, not mow it at all. The timing of applications is a very important factor in achieving the best results. Generally speaking, making the first application at the earliest effective date will provide superior results with less discoloration of roadside vegetation.

Encroaching Brush and Side Trimming

One of the most troublesome and dangerous issues faced by highway systems managers is woody brush that grows into the roadside rights of way. This can be stems growing inside the right of way or limbs from existing trees that grow into the right of way. Either way, brush and limbs growing into the right of way, obstructing the vision of motorists and making travel hazardous. Brush growing along the highways causes damage to large vehicles. It can also cause drainage issues leading to the deterioration of roads and bridges.

To eliminate the issue of encroaching brush on roadside rights of way, Opterra Solutions treats the brush and tree limbs with herbicides that kill only what they are applied to. They will kill small trees in the right of way because the whole tree is treated. They will kill only encroaching limbs of larger trees because only the limbs are treated. This process can be carried out at almost any time of the year. Foliar applications are made during the growing season. Once the leaves have fallen, we can perform the same function with a dormant application.

Removing encroaching brush by chemical treatment is safe for the environment and the public. It is much more cost-effective than traditional mechanical methods.

Bridges, Drainage Ditches and Other Services

Opterra Solutions offers an array of services to Departments of Transportation and other roadway managers. In addition to weed control, growth regulation, and treating encroaching woody brush, we provide vegetation related services to areas such as bridges, bridge abutments, drainage ditches, and other structures. Additionally, we make specialty applications to unwanted or invasive species.

Benefits of Roadside Rights of Way Maintenance

Opterra Solutions’ roadside rights of way maintenance programs benefit our customers and the public in many ways. Maintaining rights of way by mowing is almost always more costly than our management program. One application of weed control and plant growth regulator will extend the mowing cycle by several weeks.

The rights of way maintenance program is safer than traditional methods. Mowers are constantly hurling debris into the air, cause potential harm to employees, motorists, and the public. Our program is performed in less time than traditional mowing. This means less exposure to the dangers of the workplace. There is also less time on the right of way because, with our program, we will spray fewer times that you would mow.

Our program improves the aesthetic appeal of the highway and makes travel more pleasant for the public. The overall appearance of our highways is better when unsightly weeds and grasses have been eliminated.

Quality right of way programs provide better and more stable ground cover and reduce the likelihood of soil disturbances that result in ruts. It is safer than mechanical maintenance and provides longer-lasting results.

The treatment of encroaching brush along the highways and at intersections saves money for our customers by lowering the cost of maintenance. It also saves lives and improves the quality of our travel experience by making other vehicles and hazards more readily visible.

Treatment of vegetation around bridges, ditches, abutments, and other structures preserves and extends the life of these structures. It also adds to the overall safety of highway travel.