Retail and Big Box Stores

You might not think about vegetation and stormwater maintenance issues when you think about retail and big box stores, but you would be surprised. Opterra Solutions provides important vegetation and stormwater management services to this sector of business. We perform important roles at distribution and point of sale facilities.

Storm Water Management Systems

When large areas are cleared and converted to distribution or retail use, the management of stormwater becomes a critical issue. Opterra Solutions is fully qualified to maintain and repair all aspects of stormwater management systems. We offer a comprehensive maintenance plan for all stormwater facilities and devices. These include retention ponds, detention ponds, retention & bio swales, drainage ditches, bio-retention ponds, catch basins, and underground retaining systems. Our stormwater facility maintenance services include:

 Slope Stabilization
 Outlet and Inlet Stabilization
 Debris and Litter Control
 Wildlife and Insect Control
 Routine Vegetation Maintenance
 Mechanical Vegetation Cutting
 Vegetation Plantings
 Aquatic Herbicide Application
 Water Quality Testing

Storm Water Repairs

Over time, all stormwater management systems will need repairs. Along with regular, scheduled maintenance, Opterra Solutions offers a broad array of repair services to most stormwater management systems. Our repair services include:

 Erosion Control
 Sediment Control
 Sediment Removal
 Slope Erosion Repair
 Woody Brush Cutting and Clearing
 Structure Replacement
 Pipe Installation
 Silt Fence Installation
 Sediment Tubes
 Straw Wattles
 ECB Installation
 TRM Installation
 Shoreline Stabilization
 Creek Bank Restoration
 Water Quality Testing
 SWPPP Inspections


Vegetation Management

Many distribution and point of sale facilities have large, vegetated areas that must be maintained. Opterra Solutions provides selective weed control and growth regulation applications to these areas. These herbicide applications are more cost-effective than traditional mechanical mowing and result in a more aesthetically pleasing facility. For larger sites, Opterra offers expanded services that include mechanical mowing as needed. In some cases, we provide a Turn Key Comprehensive Vegetation Management Program.